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Cafe Joy, Roehampton

If there’s one thing I love to do in London, its visit the coffee shops. The independent roasteries, the little off-the-beaten track nooks, anywhere that isn’t Starbucks, Costa or Caffe Nero, basically. Somewhere a bit different. 

Now, I wouldn’t say Cafe Joy was necessarily worth heading all the way out to Roehampton for especially, but if you’re ever around Wimbledon Common, or Richmond Park, its pretty close by and easy enough to pop into on the way to Barnes station or Hammersmith. I just happen to pop in after my lecture for a sandwich and a coffee, and my, what an artistically layered coffee it was.


Look at it! LOOK. 

I ordered a ham and cheese panini thing; the sandwich was hot and on ciabatta bread, if a little plain, but at £2.99 the price already undercut any of the big chains. There’s table service, which is unusual in most cafes but its nice not to lurk around awkwardly for 5 minutes whilst the stressed barista gets increasingly stressed by you being forced to hang over them. 

There are big old bags of coffee on display and the man is pretty friendly. Essentially, a nice place to stop off for a snack or a light lunch, or indeed just a hot drink if you’re being sophisticado or just feeling a bit chilly. Even the drinks themselves are quite cheap, with my latte clocking in at only £1.99. 

Now I’m off for a midnight snack, in the hope that eating will make me sleepy. Venturing into central tomorrow night; a rare occurrence for me. Some would say an adventure. Most wouldn’t. 


I’m walking on sunshine

We’ve been lucky enough to get some sunshine in London town of late, but frustratingly – as I have 2 exams this week – I can’t justify going outside and frolicking.

And I do love to frolic. 

However, on Thursday night I get to see the (not so very pink in the flesh) Pink in concert, which I imagine will illicit much boogieing and booty shaking; and on Friday I will be attending the London Coffee Festival for the first consumer session and the launch party. I plan to drink enough coffee to keep me buzzing for the whole weekend, and come back on here and ramble at you lovely folks about it.

My apologies for any radio silence over the next few days, I’ll be neck deep in text books about invertebrates and sobbing. I hope you all get to enjoy the sun wherever you are 🙂

On with the shorts!