Who Is This Mad Woman?

Hello, I’d wave at you but given I’m typing it wouldn’t really work. I guess we’ll have to go wave-less for today.

So I’m Rebecca, a 22 year old student from Newcastle. Not that I sound like it. I have little to no geordie accent, especially after living in this particularly mad old town for over 2 years – but I will always be a northerner at heart. I even have the in built geordie anti freeze system. Seriously, I’m a polar bear.

I moved down here to study Zoology, and fell in love with everything about this insanely eclectic city. It’s the land of opportunity, if you’ll excuse the cliche, and living here has allowed me to do so many things that I would never have otherwise been able to do; as well as see some pretty mad things I’d probably never have seen.

Truly, I’ve had some of the most surreal experiences of my life living here – from a man riding a bike with a rocking horse attached to the front that he was shouting at down Brick Lane, to a furtive looking individual hurrying down Oxford Street with armfuls of live ferrets clutched to his chest, to a bloke dressed as The Mask (yes, as in the Jim Carrey film) playing the bagpipes.

The. Bagpipes.

Any way, if anyone has any requests, comments, suggestions, questions or anything else please comment and let me know…I love to hear from you guys!

Also feel free to follow me on twitter…@studentlondon3



Oh, that’s me. Going for the espionage look. Shh, you didn’t see me. In fact that’s not me at all. Forget I said anything.


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