I’m Rebecca, a 22 year old student from Newcastle. Not that I sound like it. I have little to no geordie accent, especially after living in this particularly mad old town for over 2 years – but I will always be a northerner at heart. I even have the in built geordie anti freeze system. Seriously, I’m a polar bear.

Any how, I started this blog in order to chart some of the craziest, most fun, insane and interesting things to do in London; and I must say, London has yet to disappoint. In between, there’s been a series of musings and ponderings and ramblings about living in the Big Smoke, life in general and the trauma of being a hungover student or a shop assistant. Now I’m foraying into new territory – beginning a series of interviews with some interesting, wonderful people to add to the mix. Keep a weather eye out folks, change is a-coming.

As always, if anyone has any requests, comments, suggestions, questions or anything else please comment and let me know…I love to hear from you guys!

Also feel free to follow me on twitter…@studentlondon3



15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi “New Londoner”,
    I too was new in London once, fresh from South Africa, a real fish out of water.
    You are right, it is an amazing opportunity to live in a city as famous as London. We are lucky.
    Enjoy your adventures.

  2. Thanks for the follow! I enjoy reading your posts and your daring escapades such as venturing to North London when the Northern Line is closed. That’s a true Londoner!

    1. No problem! I actually already thought I was following you, so when the blog popped up on the ‘recommended’ section I was quite surprised. Thanks very much, travelling at the weekend is always quite an adventure!!

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