A Blog’s Rise From The Ashes

Dramatic title. I felt it really captured the emotion and import of the situation. Living La Vida is rising, Phoenix like, from the cold and grey thing it has become.

Okay. That’s perhaps a bit much. But this blog really has died a bit of a death. For a variety of reasons I haven’t been around, but now I’ve finished uni, I am travelling and I am able to begin this beautiful revival – I’ll get some gospel singers on board and everything.

I do apologise for my absence, I have a few catch up blogs for London – and then posts will turn to my travels for the next few months until I return to the big smoke and the daily grind. Living La Vida London has now lived la Vida worldwide (well, Asia-wide) and I can’t wait to share these stories with you. Now I shall depart to catch up on all your beautiful words and finally write my (long anticipated, I’m sure) Bumpkin blog.

I would love to add a picture, but the internet is having none of it,mso I shall instead leave you with a smiley. 🙂 << look how happy that guy is! I can even do a dude with a moustache.
Okay, I'll stop it now.


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