The Prodigal Blogger Returns…Again

Exams are over, coursework is done, and I graduate in 2 months. As a result I will be leaving London to travel in August as I mentioned in an earlier post, but this blog will certainly still be going – simply with a slightly different focus. I do certainly intend to return to London, it sucks you in after a while. I’ve fallen in love with the place (although not so much the tube. It’s hard to love the tube.)

I apologise for the disappearing act, I realise its been a while. Sadly right after I finished my dissertation my laptop was stolen, which admittedly put the kibosh on things. However, I have returned and I have a wealth of material to blog about – thank you for sticking with me and for your patience in my final year, my blogging has been somewhat higgledy piggledy (such an awesome expression) but now I’m done I can focus on this more!

Any way, I have a nasty cold right now, so I’m going to curl back up and hibernate for a while. Look out over the next few days for posts about overgrown cemeteries, fancy tea shops, an interview with a delightful London film crew and in a few weeks a review of a lovely restaurant I’ve been invited to grace with my presence…


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