Living La Vida London Takes La Vida On The Road

In a few blog posts I’ve hinted at some exciting developments, some news, if you will. And whilst I have plenty of London fun times to share with you lovely folk – from a restaurant with a chocolate fountain to early morning wholesale markets – I felt it was time to just tell you guys exactly what’s been going on.

Recently I’ve worked a huge amount of overtime, and with uni that’s meant I have neglected this blog and most other aspects of my life to some extent, hence the lack of posts; but it seems like its going to pay off. You see, I bought myself a wodge of flight tickets, and come August I’m off jaunting for about 4 months. I have a rough route planned:


(Excuse the exceedingly wonky, horribly drawn map. I haven’t used Microsoft paint in years.)

There will be lots of wandering – especially in Japan, where I’ll be staying on an island off the mainland for a while. So whilst I will, sadly, have to leave London temporarily, I will be jaunting about the place and still posting about my adventures on here – if you guys still happen to be interested!

Any way, that’s what’s going on with me after I graduate university and before I start applying for full time jobs and postgraduate courses and various other things. Off on a jolly holiday, and I will naturally be taking you guys with me.

Although not literally. That would be expensive, I imagine.


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