(Hopefully good) Vibe Bar

A few days ago I made my reasonably regular pilgrimage to Beigel Bake. I won’t bore you with that bit, having waxed lyrical about the (delicious) beigels you can get there already, I shall move on.

Although they are amazing. 

Wandering down Brick Lane, a sprained ankle resulted in a decision to head to the first bar we found – for both a sit down and some medicinal drinking. This actually turned up a doozy, surprisingly enough, with ‘Vibe bar’.

Having walked past several times on my moochings around East London, I had always assumed it was just part and parcel of Brick Lane’s Sunday market – having never been there any other day. There’s a large courtyard with stalls, so a safe assumption I guess. However, once the market had packed up and we noticed people were still drinking merrily, we felt that warranted some investigation. 


9Proof of the misleadingly placed stalls. One sold sausages, one did Mexican food I think, and the other shisha. An odd combo but it worked.)

A bottle of wine was quickly ordered and decanted into a plastic…well, decanter. The wine glasses were also plastic. At first we wondered if the bartender had simply assumed we were particularly klutz-y, before quickly realising this was probably to avoid smashed glass all over their yard. Fair enough really. So safety first – a pretty solid basis for a good bar.

Despite being reasonably spacious inside we decided to sit outside, given the reasonably temperate night and the lit up trees (cue another photo):


Look how pretty and atmospheric!

The courtyard was set aside from the street, so it didn’t have the slightly claustrophobic feel of tables simply plonked on the pavement in the way of passers by and right next to cars. Several tables meant there was ample seating, and it was easy enough to people watch. I think a bloke cycling past with a rocking horse on the front of his bike that he was shouting at has made my Hall of Random (Like a hall of fame but for random stuff instead…) 

Having noseyed at the bar website, they apparently do food too. Unfortunately I was more preoccupied with the wine side of things and did not sample the culinary delights to be had, although I am sure they are indeed delightful. The kitchen closes at 6pm however, so if you want to go for the grub you need to get there afternoon time rather than for dinner. Although the stalls meant food was readily available. I don’t know if they were with the bar or late set ups from the market after all, but they were there…

Bottle of house red wine was £15.50 – pretty cheap for a central London bar. They run a whole load of events from gigs to DJ sets to comedy shows…

Basically a nice way to round off a day around Brick Lane, or possibly to start off a night in Shoreditch. Or get lunch, but at this point, that is mere speculation on my part. I’d just say pop along for the lovely atmosphere, the good location, the decent prices and happy hour cocktails – and perhaps have a burger or 5. So…a slightly premature Bon Appetit, and enjoy the wine. I did. 
Square Meal

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