I Found My Mojo

I’m afraid that title is a shameless pun, because not only did I find my mojo, I was lucky enough to see a play: funnily enough, called Mojo. 

With a sparkling cast list including Rupert Grint (yes, Ron Weasley for the Potter fans out there), Colin Morgan and Brendan Coyle from the universally loved Downton Abbey – to be honest, the play could have been dreadful and I’d probably still just have basked in their amazing…ness? Aura? 

I don’t know. But I’d have been basking.

Luckily, the play wasn’t awful. It won the Olivier aware for best new comedy, admittedly back when it was new – but the comedy was no less fresh than I imagine it was back then. Dark, hilarious and poignant – often all simultaneously – it was hard to tear your eyes away; but easily the best performance came from Ben Whishaw as Baby. 

A deeply disturbed, abused, scary and unpleasant character, he played the role with a certain amount of vulnerability that left the audience both loathing and pitying him. The play, despite its comical ambition, could also be seen as a study of his psyche as well as – as Billington wrote in his review in The Guardian – ‘a critique of a patriarchal world in which men talk big in order to disguise their loneliness, panic and fear of emotional contact.’

Sometimes the lack of set movement can become slightly claustrophobic admittedly, however one can’t help but think that that’s probably the point – given that this group of men has more or less become trapped inside the club they work in after the owner’s brutal murder (he’s found in two bins.)

Given the language and the sometimes coarse humour, it’s perhaps not a play for the faint hearted – but without this, the dialogue would be liking the sharp fizz and crack it so effortlessly conjures. 

Overall, whilst funny, this play had a much deeper message to it, backed up with loud 50s rock ‘n’ roll music and a certain amount of dancing. The run ends on the 6th February; if you can, I would suggest you run to grab a seat…its definitely worth a watch. Even if just to watch Ron Weasley spout very rude words and play at being a gangster. That’s entertainment in itself. 



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