The Curse Of The Killer Tonsils Followed By An Ode To Take Out Food

Earlier this week, I went out to the student union at my university for drinks. My friends bought me a dirty half pint (for those not in the know, this is a concoction of several different alcohols. Its usually pretty deadly.) I downed it despite my burning throat, and I think the last couple of days have been the revenge of my tonsils for daring to put them through such cavalier usage. 

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, and though I am neither a mice nor a man, my plans have joined theirs in…well, going awry, wherever that is. 

So no museum, no ice cream in Camden, and sadly no work. Simply bed, enough pills to make me sound like a rattle when I move, and endless episodes of House (Who doesn’t love some Hugh Laurie…) 

But they have merely been postponed, and for now, I felt I would write on a subject I personally know rather a lot about. That’s right. 

Take Out.

Now, in London, it’s a risky business allowing somewhere to make and deliver your food. Everyone’s had that experience, with the shaking and the stomach cramps and the head in a toilet for 24 hours. If you haven’t, well, you haven’t eaten enough take out. Get out a pizza menu for goodness’ sake, its like a rite of passage. 

But its also a smorgasbord for just about any food you can think of. From Caribbean jerk chicken to Brazilian pastels; Japanese sushi to Thai green curry – its all available within the hour. We’re not just talking Dominos pizza either (although they are pretty good). There’s plenty of independent places just dying to feed you. 

Where I live now (Tooting), is crawling with curry places (although I’m told Brick Lane is the king of curry houses. I’ll need to test that theory out, I think…) We’re also surrounded by plenty of Thai places – although the best ones I’ve had are out in Putney – namely Thai Square, and the other one is throughout London but none of their branches are close enough to me – they’re called Jasmine Garden. If you live close to one, enjoy, but don’t be surprised if I quietly seethe with jealousy. 

Avoid fried chicken as a rule – although Favourite Chicken and most Morleys are usually okay. I’m always deeply suspicious of it though, having seen friends and house mates pale and feverish and sick for days. I’m less suspicious of chicken than kebabs though. I’ve never eaten a kebab in my life. Everyone is utterly horrified by this fact; I guess you may think that leaves me unqualified to talk about take out food. If you want to chomp away on meat that’s been left to ooze merrily away on a hot stick for days, then be my guest, it just isn’t for me!

But I digress. For Mexican food, if you’re in South West London, Mexican Fresh is generally a good bet. For pizza, there’s any number of places. I liked Perpericon (and no that isn’t a misspelling),and Basil Leaf Pizzeria and Grill. Generally best to choose a place that specialises in pizza rather than one that kinda does it on the side. Trust me on that. 

Although when you get home at 3.30 am and you want something to eat, pizza from anywhere will do, I’ll admit. In that case, will keep you right with the places that are open!

After that long, slightly feverish ramble, I feel I will leave sharing one thing I discovered today whilst innocently looking for pictures of pizza – because who doesn’t like pictures, right?


(from, as you may have guessed, 

Now that, my friends, is indecision gone wild. Enjoy! 


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