Essays And Other Boring Things

I’ve been very boring. Writing about three thousand (well, three, but y’know…) essays, working ridiculous hours at work and trying to head to university have meant most of my London exploits have been from inside a bus. I could write a very long and detailed account of the noise the doors make when they open, the lack of timetable rigidity, and indeed the varied grumpiness of bus drivers. But nothing much about London.

I did venture out to the Siberia of our city (i.e. Purley) this weekend, in order to play pool and ogle the ten pin bowling whilst resenting how expensive it was. But that wasn’t particularly exciting, or worth mentioning, or London-y. There was a wild tram ride and a death defying trip through the McDonalds drive through – without a car – but that’s about it. 

This week, I have fewer deadlines, which is good news. I have friends coming to visit for a belated birthday celebration (I’m now 22. Not even 21. Is there such thing as a quarter life crisis? Because I think I’m having one.) So mission Camden will be go. 

I even have a swanky new book about London. That’s right.

I do have some exciting news though. But I’m saving that up…so get your tenterhooks out and hang on them, whilst I go and make a cup of tea and…well, leave you guys hanging. 

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