Les Miserables: A Slightly Different View Point

Before we saw Les Miserables, and before I bestow you with my – possibly slightly skewed – view, there was food to be had. Always important. 

We had to Pizzeria Trattoria – I believe there’s a few in the area, but the one we headed to was right beside Leicester Square tube station. They have a special menu: 2 courses and a glass of wine for £10.95; very reasonable for the area, and even more so given the standard of the food. 

I opted for bruschetta – the portions were generous for a starter; 3 large chunks with chopped fresh tomatoes and olives. They made sure to offer ground pepper and I cleaned the plate! To follow, despite there being pizza and pasta on offer on the menu, I went for pollo del piazza (chicken with tomato sauce and mozzerella, fries and a salad). Now you can probably tell that I am not a natural food critic. I’m not picky enough. For me, ‘it’s tasty’ will do. So yeah. It was tasty. 

With the amount of Italian restaurants around Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Soho – very few stand out. This one did because of both the low price and the quality of food. I mean, you couldn’t get better portions or taste for so little in many places in central London. For that reason I’d definitely recommend it.

Although watch out when you’re putting your coat on. The artwork on the walls is somewhat sharp, and when I clumsily knocked it with my hand, I found this out the hard way. 

On to Les Miserables.

I learned 3 things over the course of this play. You may or may not agree.

1. Eponine really needs a stiff drink, a cigarette, a hug and for God’s sake, won’t someone tell her there are plenty more fish in the sea?

2. Javert is a bit of a drama queen. It was bread. Get over it. 

3. The Incredible Hulk was apparently based on Jean Valjean. 

Okay, that was perhaps slightly flippant. I really did love the story, and I definitely preferred the stage version to the film. Several moments moved me, almost, to tears (not all the way. But then, I have a very cold heart.) 

The set changes, the design, the acting, the songs – it was all pretty spectacular. I could definitely see why the show has been running for 26…27? Years. I would happily go again. It seems to be a show that gives opportunity to a lot of brand new drama school graduates, and it’s always nice to see some fresh talent. They always throw a lot of enthusiasm into the performance! 

It really is a pretty amazing show of theatrical skill. One of my favourites so far, and one that I think everyone should see at least once. 

Now, I’d best be off. Essays to write and such. But voila! 



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