Blow Away The Cobwebs and Get Rid Of The Tumbleweed – I’M BACK

A broken laptop, a thousand essays and a million hours at work have meant I’ve more or less become a pyjama clad troll, emerging from bed only for work and for food. But no more!

New laptop (shiny…), new year and new hair mean I’m ready to go out there and…do things. 

Well, that sentence was a bit of an anticlimax. 

I would like to say, I really am sorry to all of you, and thank you for following my little old blog. I promise, in fact, I make an OATH to you all now that you’ll be getting regular posts again, to fill the hole that I know my silence left in all of you…

Alright, don’t all rush to agree. 

If you’d like to know what I’ve up to in my absence – it’s mainly been sleeping. A lot of sleeping. Travelling up and down and all around the country for the holidays. And admittedly drinking. I’ve had some beauteous hangovers (one actually involved me going to work in someone else’s dressing gown. I know.) Definitely time for a detox.

What have you wonderful lot been up to over Christmas and New Year? I hope you all had a wonderful time full of merriment, family and food. Lots of food. 

Any way, see you over the weekend for post number 2 of 2014. Guess who’s off to a musical tomorrow? That’s right, I’m getting back into being all cultural and stuff. 

Hope you’re all well!


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