*Insert witty Halloween related title here*

I want to say I’m going somewhere wild or off the beaten track for Halloween. I’m not. I’m going to my friend’s house and hopefully she will feed me food. 

I also plan to spend today tracking down a pumpkin, even if I have to rip it from a damn farmer’s field. 

The last week has been spent in a blur of supermarket related madness, wearing purple (unfortunate, given that I dyed my hair and its now exactly the same shade as my uniform) and nursing a bottle of wine. You know I’m tired when it takes me a week to finish a bottle of wine. 

Any how, this is a Halloween post. So let’s get back to the spooky stuff.

Sooo…I could list the stuff to do, I feel it’s a bit of a cheat since I’m not doing it, but hey. One thing that looked really cool was Backyard Cinema in Camden. Lots of horrors as you’d expect, so head up there if that tickles your fancy. 

London Dungeons are naturally doing lots of creepy things. 

There’s lots of lectures and fright nights and stuff at different museums. Actually there’s a few I’ll be heading to at Barts Pathology Museum (the wine and refreshments included in the price have nothing to do with why I’m going. I merely want to widen this pile of mush I like to call a brain. Ahem.) So I guess there’ll be more to say then. Maybe you’ll bump into me. You’ll know me when you see me, my dazzling personality generally gives me away. 

Otherwise, just carve a pumpkin, get some candy and eat it all before the Trick or Treaters come. If they egg your house just egg them. Boom.

Okay no, not really. I mean – do everything up until the egging part. In fact, perhaps leave a lolly or a couple of chocolate bars or something to keep ’em sweet. If you have that kind of self control. 

I don’t. I don’t care how good the kid’s costume is, those Haribo are MINE. 

Hmm. This post isn’t very Halloween-y. Let’s see what I can do about that.


BAM. Field full of pumpkins. They’re coming for you…(photo from ymcastlouis.org)

Did you know no one knows why we carve pumpkins – or originally beets or turnips – but the theories include to guide guisers on All Hallows Eve, to represent Christian souls in purgatory or to scare away the evil spirits on ‘Samhain’ – when the veil between Death and Life is at it’s thinnest.

Seriously. Wikipedia told me so. 


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