The Gorringe Park – a misleading name…

This post is not about a park. Indeed not. It’s about a PUB. 

Even more exciting. There’s alcohol there. We all know I love a drink. Being both a 21 year old student and British I think its pretty much in the constitution.  

Any how, this place is in Tooting – very close to where I live in fact! And it’s no ordinary pub. Oh no.

Firstly, there’s fancy popcorn. I think the term they use is ‘gourmet’ or something, but I’ll settle for fancy. Lots of flavours, like chocolate or chicken tikka – I’ve yet to sample but I’ll get back to you when I do. They have some decent draught ales and ciders, another plus. And FOOD.

My next mission will be to sample the delights on their menu. Mainly the desserts. I’ve always had, and always will have, a serious sweet tooth. 

But we haven’t even got to the best part yet. OH NO.

What can it be? I hear you cry. What could possibly be better than popcorn and booze? 

Well…if you could give me a drumroll please…

Ah sod the cheesy gameshow host thing. There’s a cinema under the pub. They play a variety of DVDs – kids ones for mothers and children during the day, and then an evening showing. They have reclaimed cinema seating as well as a squishy sofa and chairs at the back and beanbags.

BIG beanbags.

Oh, and tables with feet. 


See, feet!

(As always, sorry about the less than fantastic photo. I’m going to dig out my camera charger this week as my phone just doesn’t cut it. Either way, that’s a table and it has feet. That must be pleasing, or perhaps a tad creepy, but either way it’s cool.)



The cinema itself.

And…oooh it gets even BETTER.

Sorry, that’s probably pissing you off now, but it does.

It’s FREE. You can take your DRINKS down there. So you can DRINK and WATCH FILMS on a BIG SCREEN.


Well, the drinks aren’t free. But it’s still cool. 

Any how, there you go. Free pub cinema. Happy days. I’ll get back to you about the food, but it looks pretty damn good. Next time I plan to sample the popcorn. 

In other news, it’s pay day this Friday. I’ll have MONEY. I can finally get that Vera Wang dress, some diamond ear rings, a tiara…

Or, more importantly, food. Like, loads of it. If I’m not 300 pounds by next pay day then I have failed. 

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