Japanese Matsuri Festival

Forgive me for being pretty late in this post. Between a variety of stress including, but not limited to, a dissertation that is making me want to bang my head against a brick wall – I’ve let this slide somewhat. Any how this festival happened 2 weeks ago, but I figure you guys aren’t too pernickety.

Right? Right?!

Any how, its a big old shindig in Trafalgar Square to celebrate all things Japanese – from sushi to martial arts to music to anime to…well, you get the picture. Only been going for 2 years but already a big deal, and worth going to even for the atmosphere.

I only got there around 5 or 6 having worked all day, so unfortunately I missed a lot of the displays. Wasn’t bad though, arrived just in time for a very lovely sunset:


And I wasn’t too late to stuff my face with raw fish and ice cream (not together. That would be weird.) and listen to some very restful music. 


Photo of the sushi bento box, and my friend’s hand. She was eager to get on with soy saucing this bad boy up. I got this for £4. £4! For SUSHI?! This is unheard of. Big variety, very filling, and the first time I’ve ever eaten raw squid (odd texture. I recommend sticking to calamaris if you’re a squid fan. Although to be honest I don’t think I’ll ever get over being tricked into thinking a calamaris was an onion ring. Cue nasty surprise.) Any how beautifully made, and surprisingly very filling! 

On we went to nosey at an anime wall…drawing thing?


POKEMON. I grew up wishing I could BE a pokemon. I have Japan to thank for that. 

Ahem. Any way, from food stall to food stall we went. I had green tea ice cream (no photo but it wasn’t that interesting to look at. If I could share ‘taste’ on here I would. But I can’t.) and this pancake thing with this saucy thing in the middle that was apparently Japanese – unfortunately I can’t remember the name. OH I CAN. DORAYAKI. 

It’s Dorayaki. 

There was a large stage, much like for Chinese New Year, where a variety of acts gave us a taste of different elements of Japanese culture. When we were there it was classic music, but there’d been a range throughout the day…


(That isn’t a picture of the stage. It’s just lots of people in Trafalgar Square. The stage was in the opposite direction but unfortunately as it got darker it got harder to get a decent photo. Hopefully this one will do instead.) 

Next year I hope to return earlier in order to catch more of the celebration. I can only see it getting bigger to be honest, and it inspired me to…wait for it…


But…y’know, not right now. Although that would be cool. 

Any way I have lots more to ramble on at you guys about, including a pub with tasty cider and another pub with a free cinema underneath it. And BEANBAGS. 

Hope you’re all plodding along okay. I must now go and try to stop my housemate’s dog crawling under my bed and getting stuck again. He just doesn’t seem to learn. 


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