Busy, busy, busy

Well it’s been a hectic week. I haven’t been anywhere other than the supermarket I work, and home. Tomorrow I start back at university, which’ll at least be somewhere different!

I would love to be more exciting, but at the moment I’m so busy with essays and overtime and moving out that I haven’t had time to do anything exciting. I even missed my university Freshers Week! 

I know. Sacrilege.

On the bright side, now I’m making money, I’ll actually be able to explore London more. This blog can go back to actually being about the big smoke (which I think is a way better name than New York’s ‘the big apple’. At least it’s accurate! That’s right, take that NYC…) 

Any how for the next 2 weeks, posts may become a bit more irregular – but after that things are settling down and Living La Vida London will be back to normal. 

Now I must go don my uniform (I now feel I may as well sleep in it. I feel like I’ve barely worn anything else lately.) and head back to work. Hope you guys are all good! 


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