Ding Dong, The Cold Is Gone. Time For Some Philosophy.

I may be a bit ahead of myself. I may be a tad overexcited. But I can breath again. I’m no longer in and out of hot sweats. My nose is no longer Rudolph red and my voice no longer croakier than Jeremiah Bullfrog’s. 

I think, dare I say it, we’re on the up.

University technically began today with Fresher’s week, but I plan to be holing up at home and writing about a thousand (well, three) essays along with some extra reading. TIme to swot up for final year in the hope of leaving with a reasonably good degree.

However, at work today, I got to thinking. A dangerous pastime I know, but one I should perhaps partake in more often. 

Y’see, my job isn’t fancy. It’s hardly cerebral, I didn’t need many qualifications for it really and its all pretty basic stuff. Cleaning, shelf stacking, sitting at a check out…all the usual shop work. 

But I still manage to enjoy it. Perhaps it’s just because I’m new. Perhaps it’s because thus far my shifts have been quite short. I don’t know. Either way, I find pride in it. And I started thinking about those who judge the people they consider ‘beneath’ them.

Not that I’ve had anyone outright do that to me, at least not in that store. Not yet. Don’t ask me how my mind got there. It goes down some seriously circuitous routes sometimes and frankly I couldn’t even explain how we wind up at the destination. That’s just where I happened to end up. 

People from all walks of life wind up…well, in all walks of life. There are thousands of students stocking the shelves of supermarkets, paying their way to a better education. There are mothers just earning a bit of extra money to take their kid out or make ends meet. People who’ve been fired from positions of great responsibility and wealth. 

Not that I’m saying everyone works in a supermarket is a saint. Nor is my whole point centred around people working in a shop, I could be going on about dustbin men or cleaners or something. What I mean is…anyone could wind up anywhere at any time for any reason. And you know what? It ain’t so bad, down here at the bottom. When you reach the top, what do you have to work towards? Any way its so bright up there. I don’t think you’d ever get to see the stars through the dazzle.

Right, enough philosophical ramblings for one evening. I think its time for bed before I manage to talk myself into an existential crisis (trust me, it isn’t pretty). I have plans for actual LONDON related ramblings soon, I even have them written in my calendar so you know it’s true. 

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