New Eyes, New Sights

When I was in Sardinia, we visited the capital of the island – namely Cagliari.

It’s a beautiful city, full of winding streets and pastel painted houses, street art on practically every wall and pizzerias to spare. It’s kind of how I imagine Venice, just without the canals. 

And it got me thinking…

When you live in a place, you forget the good side of it. The novelty wears off, like that of a new toy, and suddenly all you see is boredom or the issues of an area. We spoke to one guy who’d immigrated there from Bangladesh, and he mentioned how there were a lot of problems that tourists don’t see. 

We didn’t really question further, as it was a busy night and he was our waiter – it wasn’t really the time! But I know people who feel the same about London, and I know when I visit Newcastle, now I don’t live there, I see a side to it I never really saw before. 

In Cagliari I guess people don’t see the beauty of the houses, the charm of the street art or the wonderful weather. They see the cracks in the plaster and paintwork, graffiti marring their walls and weather that is too hot to work in. 

I wonder what could make it easier to see the better side.

People who grew up in London don’t see it the way I do. Even though it’s become my home, it doesn’t cease to amaze me (especially the sky high prices of everything. They’re particularly amazing.) I hope that this way of looking at things will stay, but I wonder if life would be just a little better if we opened our eyes and looked at where we were…I bet we’d all see some things we didn’t even realise were there. 


photo: flickr, Regina Lepage

Like this cat. Look how open this cats eyes are. LOOK. 



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