Back from a jolly holiday

You may have noticed my absence. I would have warned you, but I thought I would be posting. The internet had other ideas and deleted everything I tried to write whilst I was on holiday. Most infuriating. But I’m back! 

Y’see, I won a holiday to Sardinia, and to Sardinia me and my other half went. It was hot, had all the sun, sea and sand a girl could want, and I’m feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Or at least, I would be, if I hadn’t come home and landed straight into a cold. 

Never mind. I would rather have it here than when I was away. So here I am, sipping on my lemsip, trying to get up the energy to do some studying, or call the agency I work for, or any number of other things. Frankly I don’t think that’ll be happening today. 

Instead, on with the TV. Hopefully I’ll have something a bit more enlightening, interesting, or at least marginally longer to post tomorrow. But I’m too brain addled and spluttery to think of anything particular to say other than it’s very cold here, the clouds are out, and it’s safe to say Autumn is coming to London.

Make for some good photo opportunities in the parks, I reckon. Being one of the greenest cities in the world, we also become one of the reddest cities in the world come September. Better get my camera set up. 

Any way, catch you tomorrow…fingers crossed for less snot and more wit.

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