Streatham Restaurant #3: Nineteen

Back to the food festival – we were starting to get really full at this point! Heading on to another Italian place for some gnocchi (which I only just learned how to pronounce. Gave the waiter a few laughs when I tried to explain what we wanted!) 

Service here was really good, the atmosphere was nice and the restaurant itself was bright and breezy – a relief given how hot it was. We asked for tap water and it came with ice and lemon (not that it was really appreciated, given we gulped it down within about five seconds flat). 

So the full name of our dish was ‘Gnocchi with sundried tomato, squid and rocket’.

Now I don’t often eat squid, after I was tricked into think calamari were onion rings and got a nasty fright when I bit into it. I don’t particularly mind it, it just strikes me as somewhat tasteless, and kind of chewy.

Which is always surprising; when you look at a squid, it looks more like jelly than anything else. But there you go.

The meal itself was tasty – a good portion given how cheap it was and the idea it was simply a taster platter. The sundried tomatoes were very strong and salty, and somewhat overwhelming – but added some flavour to the squid. The rocket balanced it out with its peppery taste, and the gnocchi was delicious. I’ve yet to know what gnocchi actually is though. I feel it’s a gap in my food education.

Okay, I looked it up. Dumpling things. 


There it is in all it’s glory. Presentation isn’t necessarily spectacular, but the food and the restaurant itself made up for that – and to be honest, I’ve never been that fussed about the way a meal looks. As long as it tastes good, its on a plate and not slopping into my lap, I’m happy. 

But then I’m a student. Perhaps I’ll grow into one of those foodies that turns their nose up at a dish if the parsley’s not facing North or something. 

Any how, one more restaurant to go…but I have to say, despite the reputation – Streatham has such a variety of food destinations. I hope I get to stay in the area when I move, if only to experience some more! (Plus my favourite Thai take out is nearby, and I don’t want to move out of it’s catchment area. That really would be tragic!)

Square Meal

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