Pratts and Payne, Streatham

So this weekend I was working, tramping the hills of Highgate in the far north of London to hand out leaflets. Not too taxing, admittedly…in the end we finished early on the second day, and ended up heading for a pint at a nearby pub. 

Now, I don’t often head that far north, it’s an alien planet – and even quieter than normal given the Northern line of the tube was shut – making it a mission to get there, I can tell you! 

That’s one thing about London transport, at least part of it shuts down every weekend, without fail, for maintenance work. Why don’t they do it at night – when it isn’t running any way? WHY?!

But any way. If I get too much into the whole London transport system I will explode, and that would make a mess.

Back to the delightful voyage of food related discovery I went on through Streatham! Much more pleasant.

So after heading to The Hideaway Jazz Cafe, we moved on to ‘Pratts and Payne’ for some English grub (by the way, why is ‘grub’ slang for food? Its possibly one of the most unappetising sounding words…) They were busy, and service was somewhat brusque. They kept us waiting for the food, but when it arrived, it was admittedly delicious. My other half went for ‘huevos rancheros’ and I had ‘goats cheese, honey and fig tart’ – all much fancier than we’re used to, with our current diet of baked beans on toast!


I have to admit, I’ve never seen a square egg, but its all about learning new things! It was quite spicy, but very tasty, and a surprisingly filling portion given the cheap price.


I love me a bit of goats cheese. The fig set off the taste nicely with a certain amount of sweetness, and the presentation wasn’t half bad.

Once again, sorry for the slightly dark pictures, next time I’ll have my camera charged and ready to go. I guess with my excitement at seeing the outside world again, I forgot it!

Any how the atmosphere was pretty buzzing, although the decor struck me as a tad odd with what looked like neon sales signs displaying prices in frames across one wall (49p! and so on). The fireplace had…well, a fire, painted into it, and we nabbed some comfy armchairs next to it. Luckily no heat eminated from it, given how hot a night it was. There was a nice selection of beer (including Fruli – strawberry beer, perfect for my childlike palate!).


I would perhaps go back for a drink, and the food was very tasty, but I think if I was cashing out for dinner in a restaurant, I personally would perhaps go for something a little more unique (although if there was another food festival involving cheap food? I’d be there like a shot.)

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