Marie Celeste: The Blog

So, I’ve been somewhat absent over the summer and I owe you all an apology.

I’m sorry!

I haven’t intended to abandon this blog, Marie Celeste like, to wander the cyber seas…its simply that I’ve been saving money.

This may be about seeing London on a budget, but travel around the city is unfortunately expensive (as ever single Londoner will wax lyrical about should you ever ask) and I am saving the pennies until I get a job. I’m also flat hunting and frankly no one deserves to hear about the hell that is the London rent scene.

So instead of boring you with my lounging (I have discovered that I can in fact justify my laziness with my bank balance) I have kept schtum.

Tomorrow I have an interview for a large supermarket, and on Wednesday I have an interview with another events staffing agency. Fingers crossed…

Otherwise, my student loan comes soon and I will start with the regular blogs again. I apologise for my neglect, my friends, and I hope you’ll stick with this for a little longer. I promise I’ll have lots of interesting things to write about soon!

7 thoughts on “Marie Celeste: The Blog”

      1. It’s been AMAZING I have not released the thing yet and I am already doing charity work! I have a Macy’s gig on a day they give 30% of all proceeds to charity! SO excited check out my webpage maybe you can see what I’ve been up to!!! HOW THE HECK ARE YOU???!!!

      2. Wow, good for you! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been spending this time cooking up. Maybe you could get someone to film your Macy’s gig or something and stick it up on youtube; that’s such awesome publicity! Ah, these are exciting times for ya 🙂
        Also cool webpage, I really like the images, and the bio is kind of poetic…
        And I’m good thanks, back to uni soon so started to study a little, doing a bit of flat hunting (which sucks, but I hope to find somewhere before I have to start couch surfing!) and starting work soon 😀

      3. OMG find a good one! I swear if WE don’t move SOON I may internally combust! Thanks for your feedback on the website! I like it to! It sounds like you are doing well! I can’t wait to hear about your new FLAT and classes!!! MWAH!

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