Festival of Neighbourhood

There’s something in heat and humidity that seems to make people both lazy and grumpy.

By people I do of course mean me.

However, it has provided a much needed opportunity for tanning – given the population of the UK is generally either pale and pasty or tangerine orange due to bad fake tan, a little natural melanin can only be a good thing. And where better to get out into the sun than at the festival of neighbourhood taking place at the Southbank Centre.

Gardens galore, with window gardens expertly placed along Queen’s Walk right by the Thames, to Roof and Woodland gardens atop Queen Elizabeth’s Hall, sandy beach by the river and even Beanotown – hosting workshops and events through the summer! (There’s a bar as well, for the big kids amongst us). 

You can even get your garden on and show off your green thumbs – a treat for the majority of Londoners who don’t have access to a garden. 

It’s not often any kind of neighbourhood feeling is found in London. Generally it’s just a huge city of individuals, with no real ties to each other. There’s that rare instance of community spirit – after the riots in Clapham Junction, residents were out in their masses with brooms ready to clean up the mess – hut hopefully this festival will serve as a small reminder of the tight knit communities we once had. 

If not, it’s a nice place for a drink, so everybody wins!
I will be paying it a visit tonight, photos to follow…

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