Leaflets, Concerts and a Large Bag of Wotsits

A while back, some of you may remember I wrote a blog about working for a temping agency. I’ve now branched out and registered with a hospitality agency as well (not naming names!); liable to be flung out into any remote corner of London with a tie and a tray of canapes for company. (Or Essex. But that’s a whole other world.)

Now, I may have been naive. I may have been silly to think that, working for a company such as this, I would be working in…say…hospitality? And I do. I have. It’s not unheard of to find me swigging Red Bull in the kitchen of a late night dinner party, or desperately fighting the urge to pour coffee on rude guests. Its more enjoyable than any office job I’ve done, with more banter and time flying by much faster.

This weekend, however, was different. This weekend I was given the job of…handing out leaflets.


In the sun? For hours?

We were expected to get through over a thousand each, and given that I was then placed in the middle of a quiet dog walking field…well. I was somewhat bemused, to say the least.

Any way, the large pack of wotsits came in later when I started to suspect I would implode with sheer hunger, and it turns out handing out leaflets with cheesy, orange, wotsit fingers is not easy. In the end I wound up carrying a huge box of leaflets home and dumping them in the recycling, so that at least they wouldn’t be thrown in the bin.

Random, to write about this you may think, but it just so happens we were advertising an especially interesting event in North London – an alien place I do not often venture. I now even have a very fetching T-shirt, advertising it to the world.

A series of concerts at Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath. Suede will be playing one night, Keane another, and lots of classical warbling in between. Picnics available, and it all takes place outside by a rather lovely lake. If you live local you even get a tasty little discount. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap, but it may be worth a nosey if you fancy it. And if you see me handing out leaflets in the next few weeks, take pity and just grab a handful. It makes my job so much easier and my back so much less painful. 


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