London By Night

After ‘The Audience’ I went for a walk; since I was so jazzed up from meeting Helen Mirren and didn’t feel too much like hopping on a tube. It seemed easier to walk to Waterloo and catch a bus.

So that is what I did.

I took photos with my phone…excuse their somewhat grainy quality, I have yet to dig out my camera charger unfortunately. Hopefully they’re good enough to give an idea of how pretty London is at night…because, well, it is really pretty.

The sky can be eerie, with its consistently orange glow…there’s never a true darkness in London. But at the same time, the architecture is thrown into sharp relief with the contrast of light and dark thanks to the street lamps…and one can truly admire the carvings masons painstakingly etched out all those years ago.


Piccadilly Circus…not so much the amazing architecture I was waffling on about, as much as pretty lights. They can be pretty mesmerising. In fact, this wall of adverts was something I always wanted to see after watching Bridget Jones’ Diary after a teenager! Now I’ve seen it a million times, but it always reminds me of that.


A building on Waterloo Place. It’s pretty dull purpose wise, something to do with banks I believe, but I thought it seemed quite striking here.


You can just see the, still illuminated, London Eye beyond those trees. In front there is a protest. I’m not sure exactly what they were protesting about, but they seemed pretty settled with tents and such.


Trafalgar Square – that’s the National Gallery. As you can see, it’s unusually empty in the evening.


Classic telephone boxes.


Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (actually renamed Elizabeth Tower, in honour of our Queen and her – now 61 year long – reign. She’s close to claiming the record from Queen Victoria for longest reigning monarch!)


Elizabeth Tower up close.



Walking across Westminster Bridge is probably one of my favourite night time views of London. Since my mobile camera is not fantastic, I couldn’t capture the essence of the view from this bridge. But it really is pretty at night. In the final photo they have turned off the lights on the London Eye, but it is even prettier when they’re still on.

Although I imagine it’s one hell of an electricity bill!

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