London Tragedy

Its been a pretty intense week. I’m happy to say there have been adventures abound, and now that I am back I have a lot to write about. London has become my play thing.

But that can all wait.

I am sure many will have heard of the tragedy that took place on the streets of London, last Wednesday. A soldier, who had completed tours of duty in Cyprus, Germany and Afghanistan, was murdered on his home turf. Its sickening.

However, 3 local heroes stepped up. One woman talked to the attackers – who were still waving bloody meat cleavers with scarlet hands – simply to stop them from hurting anyone else. 2 others sat by him so he wouldn’t have to die alone. I cannot believe how brave they were. And the one who spoke to them, simply got back on the bus when the police arrived and carried on to her destination! All in the days work, for a cub scout leader…

All I can say, is that I hope he rests in peace. I am so sorry for the family and for his friends, for the armed forces who protect this country and provide humanitarian aid to many others. It truly was a senseless death.

However, I am equally disgusted by the attacks on mosques, and Muslims – most of whom condemn it just as much as we do. We are tarring a huge group of people with the same brush. Most are happy to go about their business peacefully, minding their own and quietly following their own faith. I feel terrorising innocent people doesn’t make us any better than those out there who terrorise us…and it is giving the perpetrators what they want.

They said they wanted to start a war on these streets. Let’s show them we’re better than that. That we rise above their efforts to turn us against each other. The entire Islam community didn’t attack our soldier, 2 disturbed extremist men did. And they will be punished. But in honour and memory of Lee Rigby, let us show them what we’re truly made of. He fought in Afghanistan so the fight wouldn’t be brought to these streets – so let’s not let it be so.

Tomorrow, I will write about London and my wanderings. But tonight, I just wanted a quiet moment to think about a man who won’t return to his family this weekend, and who did his utmost for the country in which he died. It seemed a little…inappropriate, to go all happy go lucky in a blog about London, without at least a mention of such a dreadful tragedy.


We won’t forget.

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