Stress, Dumplings, and A Really Sore Ear

I’m afraid to say this has been one hectic month. Between studying, doing exams, being ill, looking for a job and now for a new flat – all whilst my laptop has been repeatedly crashing (I swear I came close to tearing it’s wires out and wearing them as a trophy. Unfortunately that would void the warranty.) it’s all been a bit up in the air and as such I haven’t been giving this blog and you lovely folks the attention you deserve. For that, I’m sorry!

I have squeezed in some London exploration however. Packed around the trials and tribulations of my every day life – I packed in some dumplings.

We’d booked tickets to see Omid Djalili live at Leicester Square Theatre – a smaller venue than I realised, much more intimate and definitely one I would recommend. Afterwards, all of us having a hunger on, we were heading to a Mexican place I’d heard about – but unfortunately there was a long wait. But never fear, when in London one can almost certainly head to Chinatown for a filling meal…

Having passed about a million suspicious and delicious looking all you can eat buffets (somewhat of an exaggeration. It was perhaps more like 12.) we stumbled across the delectable Dumplings’ Legend. untitled


The name had me running in there like a…hmm. All my similes appear to have left me. Like something that runs very fast towards something that it really really wants. Not perhaps the most poetic, but accurate.

Any way we got in and say down at a vast table – far too large for a mere 5 of us, but at least there was a table free. As you walked to the seating area there was a room surrounded in glass windows, where you could watch the chefs putting together the dim sum and dumplings which was pretty cool.

We ordered a variety of food…lots of dumplings, naturally. A sharing platter, to be precise. And they were delicious! Perhaps not on the level of Opium (mentioned in an earlier post – a speciality dim sum/cocktail bar) but a perfectly tasty – and cheaper – option. Plus there was one green set, that apparently had been coloured with algae, which was interesting. Unfortunately these were all snaffled before I managed to get a hand in!

Portions were huge, I had stone bowl rice with pork and duck – delicious but enormous. Others had beef and broccoli, chicken noodles, and mixed meat I think. It all came very quickly and very hot, somewhat of a bonus in itself. The service wasn’t bad – could have been a little friendlier but to be honest, it was a busy Friday night so I wasn’t expecting long chats about philosophy.

We paid just under £20 each for a filling meal, and that in London, is spectacularly cheap. And they happily bagged up our left overs to take away. So there you have it folks – Dumplings’ Legend…they really are a legend!

Oh, and the sore ear in the title? Well, my ear is sore. I think I have water stuck in it. Not really relevant, but I felt my title needed to come in a 3. Stress and dumplings doesn’t sounds so happy. Or even worse, stress dumplings. Who wants a stress dumpling?


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