Free TV Audience Tickets

This week has been rather an adventure for me. And a free one, for the most part. In London, too. I feel I’m onto a win here!

Y’see, if one is looking for cheap entertainment in London, then this may just be the holy grail. 

There are entire websites dedicated to them. You apply, and hope for the best. No more than 4 each. And no guarantee of even getting in. They’re…you guessed it, audience tickets for TV shows. 

Always fun for the little people. We get to go and gawk at the celebrities. Arriving early to queue, and make damn sure you get in, is worth it. Particularly since the show I saw this week was…QI!

I don’t know if QI airs in the US. Does it? Do you guys watch it? Have you heard of Stephen Fry?

No patronising…ness? Intended, I just generally don’t know!

But in case you don’t know, Stephen Fry is a fabulous man whom I wish was my uncle or something and has a voice that is like chocolate for the ears. It’s up there with Alan Rickman.

Aaaah Alan Rickman.

I could listen to his voice draaaawling away forever.

Ahem. And QI is a panel show, with lots of facts and comedy and comedians like Ross Noble, David Mitchell and so on. Who are big in the UK any how! (Ross Noble, funnily enough, actually being from my hometown, Newcastle!) 

Any way, I got to see it. And it was hilarious. Only Stephen Fry would get away with referring to the BBC – on a show they fund – as ‘rancid cowards’ and referring to lady bits as a ‘splendid vagina’. Indeed, Mr Fry. Indeed. 

The show can go on for a while, and they have to retake some things at the end that either weren’t delivered properly to the camera, or were a little to…rude…for the show. But for this particular show it only took 10 minutes. Last year, when I had the luck to see Russell Howard’s Good News, it took about 40 minutes. And we had to laugh and clap as he said the lines over and over.

The show itself was hilarious. But by the end everyone was pissed off. Even Russell was swearing at the producers and the producers were rolling their eyes and quite possibly pulling their hair out.

Either way, it was still worth it. I mean, it was free!

It’s an effort to get in, and the retakes can be repetitive. But it’s free comedy, free famous people, and you might be on TV. I think the pros outweigh the cons, but perhaps I’m just being a fame hound.



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