P!nk: The Truth About Love Tour


As promised, I felt I should tell you guys all about the fabulous P!nk concert I went to last week, at the 02. Frankly, I wouldn’t call it a concert really. More a mix of theatre, comedy, dance, Cirque de Soleil and music. You certainly got your money’s worth, moreso than any other gig I’ve ever been to. 

You see it started off with the support groups as usual, with Churchill and Walk The Moon. The acts were reasonably short, giving a little taster of their respective music without making the crowd impatient. A plus, since some of the audience were directly next to the stage, and I feel could have easily made any displeasure known (not without being rugby tackled by a couple of butch security guards within a couple of seconds of doing so, but still.)

The sound was a lot better than most places I’ve been to as well…given that many allow the music to completely overpower the voice of the singer; a pet hate of mine, if I’m honest. Perhaps I’m getting old and fuddy duddy-esque but I tend to think blasting music so loud you’re lucky not to leave with a ruptured ear drum is somewhat counterproductive.  But here there was a nice balance between the instruments and the voices of all the singers, making a refreshing change.

Finally, after two intervals and two bands (only one of which was good, but that’s subjective and I shan’t name the names as it were…) the lady herself came on. And my goodness, she made an entrance.

She was introduced by a bloke with odd hair and a multicoloured suit on. He reappeared throughout the show, and at first I felt he might be a bit of an irritating presence. But he was funny, he had charisma, and could dance. So all power to ‘im. Particularly after appearing in nothing but what appeared to be a nappy and a pair of angel wings and floating across the stage. That is one man who must be exceedingly comfortable in himself. 

The first song was ‘Raise Your Glass’ once the guy with mad hair disappeared, and she sang it bouncing up and down on bungee cords held by muscular men dangling from some kind of metal frame. Hows that for originality?

Throughout I was amazed she was singing live (and she was, it was pretty clear), especially whilst ribbon dancing in the air or doing acrobatics with a male dancer during ‘Try’, or flying around the arena during ‘Blow Me One Last Kiss’. She’d also been ill and had to cancel a performance 2 days earlier due to losing her voice, so that just made it all the more impressive. 

She was accommodating to her audience, interacting with those who’d paid extra to be right at the front – signing one guy’s chest, taking Vicks vapour rub as a gift from someone else, and a bracelet from another. I’ve never seen anyone else as big as P!nk (metaphorically of course. Her 6 pack puts me to shame.) do that. Basically the whole concert was something entirely different.

Apart from the merchandisem which was ridiculously over priced (as always) but I managed to treat myself to a little key ring – the cheapest thing there! I would have got a programme or a tshirt but at £20-25 I couldn’t justify it to myself. 

The 02 itself was as expensive as usual with drinks and snacks, and since I was meant to be in an exam on Friday I avoided the alcohol any way. But since we only go there as an occasional treat, normally I’d probably have stretched to a beer or something. 

The transport back was ridiculously busy, however with the tube running extremely regularly, queues went down surprisingly fast despite my griping, and we managed to get home within about an hour. Good time, considering Greenwich is a good distance away from us. 

My next trip there will hopefully involve taking part in a particularly different activity, involving climbing, ropes and hopefully suppressing an in built fear of heights. 

I’ll leave that to the imagination!


(Photo filched from Capital FM. Sadly we were not this close.)

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