Oh dear.

It’s been one of those weeks. You know the type. Where you feel you’re clinging on for dear life to a roller coaster with no seat belt. To coin and old term, as it were. The first few days started out quite promisingly, with sunshine and walks on the Common. We even made fruit smoothies and ate ice lollies for the first time in months. But with exams looming, we spent most of our time inside – either frantically writing essays or making notes or flicking through flash cards.  On Wednesday, I was going over presentations on moodle (a programme used by universities to share files and links, from journals, lectures, practicals – and messages from lecturers, just in case you haven’t heard of it!) when my laptop chose that precise moment to crash, and then break entirely. The funny thing is, last year my computer came down with a virus the night before my first exam, too. A message popped up, blocking off my access to everything, with union jacks and everything, stating ‘Metropolitan police police e-crime unit…The operating system is lot due to violation of the laws of the UK. The following violations were detected…’ following which they informed me my IP had been detected visiting websites with plenty of nasty content, including zoophilia apparently. I had also apparently been sending spam messages. This was all news to me.

After that they urge you to pay a fine by entering your bank details. 

I can’t help but wonder if anyone has been tricked by this. I hope not. But it’s a really nasty virus to get, my whole disc was wiped.

Any way, I digress. My apologies. After my rather befuddling week I’ve stumbled out with a rather befuddled head.

My laptop is broken. My freak out was intense, to say the least.

Then my exam on Thursday did not go well, unfortunately. And having been unable to sleep, I felt much like I’d left my brain at home any way. But in the evening, it all turned around when me and my other half went to see P!nk live in concert at the 02. 

I’ve always wanted to see P!nk life, and it made my day to say the least. I will write a more meaty post about that in the next day or two. It certainly deserves a mention. 

Onwards though, I got home and revised for the next exam, which was yesterday. Or it was going to be.

Having reached the train station at 7.30 yesterday morning, the exam being at 9.00, I proceeded to wait for a teeth gnashingly irksome 2 hours. HOURS. For a train. There had been a fire alarm in a major signalling centre in London, messing up trains all along the line. As such they were altered, delayed, cancelled or – when they did arrive – so full from a back up of commuters at the start of the line that no one could get on. 

Once again, my freak out was intense. I missed my uni exam. It was worth 40% of a module. 

But later on, we headed to the London Coffee Festival, for chocolate and coffee fuelled goodness. That perked me up, for sure. There’s nothing like chocolate to make a girl feel better.

Excuse the long, rambly post. I shall have some posts on P!nk and The London Coffee Festival very soon. But for tonight, I need to crawl in bed with some hot chocolate and a good book. I hope you all had wonderful weeks…full of much less stress than mine!



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