Mah Peeps

Yesterday’s post was a little glum, I feel. More of a rant than a blog piece. Perhaps not the way I intended to break the radio silence, but if it’s any consolation, having a vent made me feel much better.

Today I’m feeling much more zen, and will soon be heading out to check a new cafe in Streatham. I suspect the visit will involve cake. 

I do intend to post here reasonably regularly, laptop or not. I’d miss it too much. And of course I’d miss you lovely lot, and your blogs. You izz mah peeps!


Either way, I’mma be sticking around, pouncing on my other half’s laptop when she so much as glances the other way. Like a ninja. Or a boss, you decide. 

I do hope you all have a wonderful, restful, sunny Sunday. 

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