London Marathon: Aren’t People Amazing?

It seems today’s London Marathon went without a hitch, I am happy to say. I just watched a man who had either just run it and made it home alive or had been riding a horse for the past 3 weeks judging by the way he was walking, go into his house across the street with a beaming – if slightly strained – smile on his face.

This is how people should be, returning from marathons. That’s the expression and pride one expects. I am happy that today, people weren’t robbed of that. And I am sad that those in Boston were, but I believe the healing process is already beginning. People are a resilient bunch. I’m amazed by it every day.

I’m amazed by a lot of things. Anyone finishing a 26.2 mile run is pretty spectacular for me. A single parent who works 13 hour shifts and still somehow fits in their kid’s birthday party. That’s practically a miracle. Frankly these days, even someone standing up on the train for a pregnant lady or an elderly man is pretty damn amazing.

Perhaps it’s a good thing, to be amazed every day by the people you meet. I’m constantly being surprised. And even in the most dire situations, human kindness and bravery can still shine through…that; well that is pretty damn amazing.


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