Boston Marathon – Hope and Sorrow

It felt wrong to let such a tragic event go unsaid and seemingly unnoticed on this blog. So for what it’s worth, even if it doesn’t mean much, I’m sorry that this happened.

I’m sorry that runners who woke up, excited at the prospect of a challenge that they had trained months for, were shaken to the ground by the shockwaves. 

I’m sorry that people with smiles on their faces and pride in their hearts as they watched their friends and relatives cross the finish line were hurt, or scared, or in the worst cases – killed.

I’m so sorry that this happened at an event meant to represent strength, and charitable giving, and community. 

I’m sorry an event like this has been marred by such a disgusting, petty act of terrorism.

Most of all, I am sorry for those who are mourning today, instead of bathing aching limbs or wearing their medals with pride. I’m sorry for those in hospitals, whether in the beds or holding the hands of those that are. I am sorry for the people who will have nightmares of this for months to come.

I am sorry. And I don’t profess to be able to understand their pain. I don’t, how could I? All that I have is sadness, and sympathy, but underneath all that – hope. Hope that they will catch the person or people responsible. And hope – in fact a faith, that those affected will one day recover. 

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