Brixton Windmill

I’ve had to get creative, since my purse and debit cards were stolen I am – for a lot of the time – left without any money. So this has, of course, limited my movements around the capital.

The sun and warmth on Sunday were rather inspiring though, and I felt that a day such as that should not be wasted. Especially given the dreadful weather we’ve had up until now. So on went the specs and the laptop, and a quick google search later, I headed to Brixton with an oyster card that my other half very kindly donated to my cause (a travel card that one can use at a slightly discounted price on London transport…for those not in the know), and some loose change in my pocket.

First I ducked into Brixton market space. Many stalls were shut, of course, but the majority of the foodie places were open – and completely packed. It was a veritable Smorgasbord of choice, ranging from coffee and cake, to pizza, to Chinese, to burgers…I wished I had more money so I could more or less restaurant hop; all of the food looked delicious!


The seating spilled out from the little shops onto the covered arcade, and you could see everyone making the most of the rare heat with shorts, sunglasses and sun tan lotion abound. I regretted my choice of wearing a coat; I had assumed it would be cold. Instead I wound up mildly sweaty lugging a thick coat all around the place with me. Something I loathed doing as a child; I would almost always thrust my coat at my mother and run ahead giggling gleefully to cries of ‘don’t go too far! And STOP at the curb!’ But sadly there was no mother – or other half – to thrust my coat at today, so I had to make do and turn it into a kind of cape.

It was a reasonably long walk to the windmill, one of very few remaining in London beyond the 20th century. It’s recently been refurbished, I believe, and the day I arrived there were tours – all fully booked unfortunately, but I didn’t mind just having a nosey from the outside.



They’re running a campaign to get it producing flour again. That’d certainly be quite a victory for those that love their local produce. I certainly wouldn’t mind buying a bag of flour produced down the road, in Brixton. I believe that would bring it up to being the only flour producing windmill in London – but please, correct me if I am wrong.

It’s set in a pretty little park, with a…I wouldn’t go as far as to say cafe, it was more a table inside a hall selling – rather tasty looking – home made cakes. There was seating outside, however. It was nice for a wander, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it was worth visiting on it’s own – maybe tie it in with a day in Brixton, visiting the Ritzy or the market or the 02 Academy for a gig!

Finally I walked further up the hill to a Caribbean restaurant named ‘Negril’. To be honest I’m going to remain rather brief on this, as I’ll be visiting again tonight for a slap up meal (after rather a complicated, faffy way of getting at my money!) and I feel it would ruin tomorrow’s post.

I hope your Sunday’s were as sunny as mine, and that the start to your week hasn’t been too painful thus far…


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