Homeward Bound

I’m home again, after a trip to visit Newcastle. The journey was supremely stressful, between a stolen purse and train tickets, ridiculously heavy luggage, a travel card that the ticket barriers apparently didn’t like all the way across London (thus managing to piss off at least half the commuters going through Central…as well as the tube staff who would have to manually open them for me), missing another train, being locked out of my flat, and forgetting my guitar at my friend’s house.

It kind of got to the point of absurdity, really. When all those things happen it’s either curl up in fetal position until the day is done, or shrug and laugh in the hope that the next day will be better. My worry is that it’s some kind of karmic retribution for something – although I’m not sure what.

On returning to London, travelling from Victoria to where I live, I was met with rather a terrifying sight. Huge, dark, brooding clouds that looked really rather menacing (and they were right to look menacing, considering the pouring rain, freezing temperatures and wind that we have today. Where’s the good weather the Met Office promised us?) It looked like The Nothing was consuming London.

For those of you who’ve had the misfortune of never seeing ‘The Never Ending Story’ – I mean come on, it has a big, pink, furry dragon and a giant made of rock who eats other rocks, what’s isn’t there to like? – any way, The Nothing is the villain of that particular tail. The whole world of the story is being eaten up by it, and becoming…well, I guess it’s kind of obvious. It becomes Nothing.

And this is what I was faced with.


There’s a pic. Great, black, looming clouds. I was either going to go with The Nothing or The Perfect Storm. Let’s face it, The Nothing is cooler.

Perhaps these are just the ramblings of a frazzled mind with an unquenchable craving for camembert, but it amused me any how. The weather is dreadful, and it’s cold, so I’m afraid I’m going to hole up and revise for now. I haven’t an umbrella and I don’t want to melt so it’s really best I don’t risk it.

I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend…and that your cities aren’t also being slowly consumed by The Nothing…

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