Street Art the Third

Since I was in East London any way, I yet again took myself on a wander and…well these are the fruits of my labour! I hope you like the pics…a lot of these are new, since I was last there. The turnover rate really is quite something. The whole idea of street art is still kind of alien to me, since in Newcastle – the one piece of graffiti I felt I could truly class as street ‘art’ was gone by the next day. The council had washed it off. It had been a giant colourful butterfly on a plain stretch of concrete clad wall, and frankly it’d had cheered the place up. But hey.

Here are the pieces I managed to find:

yum bin 009

yum bin 014

yum bin 008

yum bin 007

yum bin 016

yum bin 017

‘Innocence is a thing of which we know nothing’ – just in case anyone couldn’t quite see what it said!

yum bin 020

yum bin 021

yum bin 023

yum bin 024

yum bin 025

yum bin 027

yum bin 028

yum bin 030

yum bin 031

yum bin 032

yum bin 033

yum bin 038

I believe this is the old entrance to Shoreditch Underground, a now abandoned tube station…I’ve always wondered where these mysterious stations are, often referred to as ‘ghost stations’ there’s about 40 on the network – unsurprising with London’s tube being the oldest subway system in the world (150 years old this year!) This one is kinda obvious though! They shut it after too few commuters were using it, in 2006. There are ones left over from the 1930s, such as the British Museum station (mentioned in Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman!) or Down Street though…I wonder what ghosts lurk in them!

yum bin 037

yum bin 041

yum bin 042

yum bin 043

yum bin 036

yum bin 035

yum bin 034

yum bin 044

yum bin 045

yum bin 047

yum bin 048

yum bin 052

All the curry houses that populate the end of Brick Lane! They all claim to be the best, with various institutions – the BBC, View, Masterchef apparently holding each one in high esteem. I still plan to try one, when I have the money and the time!

yum bin 022

This little bad boy is an Invader piece. I thought he was my first, but looking through my photos it turns out I actually already have a couple more! I intend to go on a hunt though, as the street artist responsible has left them all over the city…along with around 40 other cities around the world. Quite the traveller!


6 thoughts on “Street Art the Third”

  1. Great series and amazing how much of it there is around just in this area of London! I think there is some fantastic street art in many cities and, as you said about the butterfly in Newcastle, they can really brighten up an otherwise dull or run down area.

    1. ‘lovely jubbly’ is just a phrase kinda meaning ‘great’ or ‘brilliant’. The picture is of Del Boy from the British comedy Only Fools and Horses, and he used that phrase a lot.

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