Yum Bun

So, apparently London now has a monsoon season, going by the impressive downpour exhibited today. I’m just home, and I’m drenched, but still feeling that satisfaction one can only get from a productive day.

After reading themotleyspicer’s blog, I just had to try out this apparent street food sensation: Yum bun.

A little more research just fuelled my food oriented desire, given that they won the 2012 People’s Choice British street food awards. Tasty. Their cart has made appearances around the capital, particularly at Kings Cross and Broadway Market, but last Thursday they opened a more permanent residence – right by Old Street station.

Now this was already enough to draw me, much like a moth to a flame – a student to food – but photos of soft, steamed buns filled with tender meat and sauces just had my mouth watering. So today, on went my most fetching blue anorak – having lost my umbrella – and up to East London I trotted.

It was easy to find – the shop itself is tiny, right next to Rotary Bar and Diner. The people behind the wooden counter were smiley and friendly, which frankly can be a rarity all of it’s own in London – meaning I was already pretty impressed before I even got the bun!

yum bin 002

The menu is small but satisfying, with a range of meat buns, a vegetarian bun and an ice cream bun/sandwich kind of situation. I was tempted to try them all, but I was very restrained and only got one – as due to time constraints I would have to eat on the move.

yum bin 003

I went for their staple, the pork and hoisin sauce bun. Check this beauty out:

yum bin 005

They added some chilli on request, which gave it a delicious bite over the pork, hoisin sauce, spring onions and cucumbers. Mmmmm. The buns are quite small, so perfect for a snack – but if you really have a hunger on, I would recommend either getting 2 – or maybe one and the dessert bun – or ALL of them!

At £3.50 a bun, they’re very reasonable. £6.00 for 2, so if you do decide to pass a meal by in there, it’s cheaper to get a selection!

There is no sitting room, but they are very easy to walk with, take back to your desk if you’re working in the area, or I think you may be able to sit in the Rotary bar sitting area – there’s a door adjoining the two.

Any way, I can’t wait to go back when I have more time and try a wider selection…

I did also use the opportunity – since I was in the area any way – to pick up some beigels from good old Beigel Bake. And get lots more photos of street art…there’s just so much of it! It’s a ‘veritable pot pourri of educational experience’ in the words of Victor, from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I only just reawakened my love of that film this weekend.

Any how, I shall post those up soon, but for now…time for a cuppa and to dry off!

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