Streatham Common

Yesterday I went to Streatham Common. I left when it was sunny, 10 minutes later it was pouring and I was drenched – along with my unfortunate shoes. My trusty Vans.

I don’t have a huge amount to write, it wasn’t an eventful walk. I didn’t find a magical portal to a new world. There was no fateful meeting. Although I did narrowly avoid what would have been a rather spectacular (and vulgar, given the profanities I would no doubt be spewing) slip up into a puddle of mud.

But I did get some photos…


Some trees, looking moody and mystical.


Got a bit over excited with the photo editing, but look at that psychedelic sky. That’s how I imagine it would have looked in the ’60s.


People. A church. Gross weather.


Standard arty black and white shot.


Sun trying very hard to show his face.


Grumpy sky. Wet people.


A lonely tree. I know, I know. Black and white again. I couldn’t help myself.

Any how, hopefully I’ll be able to get some better photos of the view from Streatham Common on a clear day. It really can be quite beautiful. But it can be hard to traverse when its been wet, as I mentioned, slip sliding into the mud is a very real danger. Its nice to have so much greenery though. Gets you away from the hustle and bustle and general madness of living in London.

Just before I sign off and carry on my Disney marathon (you would never think I was an adult. Not even I think I’m an adult) – my previous post still stands. I know it seems random but I felt since I haven’t had as much time to go on outings lately, it might be a fun thing to do. Basically, if anyone has any questions for me, be they about me, about living in London, about the meaning of life, or…well anything, feel free to ask. I shall write a post answering them…if anyone has any that is!!

Any how, have a wonderful Sunday, full of relaxation and sleep!


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