A Very British Post

The last few days we have had the craziest weather. I know, how very English of me. But it has to be said. 

From snow, to hail, to rain, to cloud, to sun, and then back again. Its like London just can’t decide what mood it’s in. Maybe its been a bit stressed lately, maybe its PMSing, maybe its just having one (well, three) of those days. 

Either way, its annoying.

I can cope with rain, snow, sleet, whatever. Hell I’m from Newcastle, at some points of the year you’ll find us skiing down the High Street. We’re made of some tough stuff. 

But I can’t stand going out all wrapped up, then being boiling hot two minutes later, taking the stuff off, then being being freezing. Its just not right. So London, please make up your mind. I have things to do this weekend.

Museums to gawp at, milkshakes to slurp, commons to meander over. So fingers crossed for a little sunshine this weekend…


4 thoughts on “A Very British Post”

  1. Good grief – I could have written this post today! Although I didn’t. I’m a little too grumpy for it. Hope things improve on both continents weather-wise, but I’m distinctly pessimistic about it right now. Month 6 of a Minnesota winter…

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