Thames Clipper

I’m going back in time, digging through my vaults of London awesomeness, as, you see, I’m a) still waiting for temp work to earn some moolah, dosh, wonga, and so on. And b) I’ve been busy with studying. I have some cheap places planned for this weekend though, involving milkshakes, Egyptology, and possibly some ping pong (not all together. That’d be weird. Or incredibly awesome. Perhaps an Egyptian themed milkshake bar – papyrus and scarab beetle shake, anyone? – where you could…um…play ping pong…hmm maybe not.)

Any way, I remembered the Thames Clippers. Me and my other half rode one to the 02 arena last September to see the rather marvellous Michael McIntyre.

I know, I know. It’s just a river bus. A way to get from A to B. But for 7 pounds, it was more like our own freebie sightseeing river tour. No commentary of course, but there was a bar.

An exceedingly overpriced bar, but a bar none the less.

We stood outside, and it being a speedy little thing zoomed along quite merrily. We were practically shouting ‘WEEEEEEEE’.

mobile 1148

mobile 1147

Excuse the slightly grainy pictures, these were taken on my mobile on a moving boat whilst trying to avoid the spray from the engine – it really couldn’t be helped. But hopefully you can see just how pretty it was, at least. We were lucky, it was a sunny night – so we caught the sunset over London. The Shard was particularly amazing, you can’t see the reflections there but the sunset was reflected in the windows. Really quite stunning to be honest.

And of course an up close and personal with Tower Bridge. I love Tower Bridge myself. Determined to visit the walkways at the top…

It’s also a quick way to get to the 02 if you happen to be seeing anything there. They do stop quite early though, we stayed at a bar for a few drinks after and by the time we left…well the tubes and boats had stopped and we were trapped in Greenwich foreverrr…well, until we hailed the most expensive taxi of our lives.

Basically, if I may repeat myself, (and it is my blog, so I feel I can) tickets were 7 quid. For a view of plenty awesome landmarks, sunset over the city, and a ride on a speed boat with a bar. You get charged considerably more for the tour boats. Don’t get me wrong, I have been on one of them. And you learn stuff you wouldn’t otherwise know. But that was with family, and I had the luxury of being very kindly paid for.

The cheaper option…Thames Clippers. 🙂

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