Anthony Nolan Trust

Today, whilst procrastinating on my laptop – as I’m sure every one of us has been guilty of at some point or other, I decided to do something. 

I know, that sounds a bit suspect doesn’t it? What did I decide to do? Start a punk rock band? Join a nudist colony? Go dancing in the streets?

No. None of those things. Although I have been found dancing in the streets before. Usually drunkenly. Always silly…ly? 

But today, I signed up to the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register. At least, applied to. Depends if my 21 year matured, oak smoked bone marrow is good enough for them. Perhaps not so much oak smoked as passive smoked, but hey. 

Any how, I know this isn’t London related, but this blog seems to have grown to encompass my life as well as London, so I felt this particular development was post-worthy. 

Y’see, I’ve been considering this for a while. Just never got round to it really. When I first went on the website today to finally do some more research, I was kind of nervous. Popular media has made it seem painful, debilitating and dangerous with all the MRSA scares (don’t even get me started on my MRSA/mersa pronunciation debate. I will honestly go on for hours). But whilst mooching around on facebook, a campaign popped up. A young boy with leukaemia was raising awareness for bone marrow donation, and it kinda made me think. So despite being a bit wary, I had a look. 

Instead, I found it isn’t any of those things. I mean, it might be a bit sore and make you feel a bit achy and tired. But I can cope with that. Gives me another excuse to demand round the clock tea and food. 

And to be honest? It’s more likely I’ll never be called to donate. My name’ll be there with some DNA and a smile, (well, perhaps not the smile), but it could well be I never hear of this again. 

Or I might. In a week, a month, several years – I might get a phone call saying someone needs my cells. The cells I’ve slaved over my marrow for hours to make. And y’know what? I’ll happily give them. 

This isn’t a little propaganda piece. I’m not trying to convince anyone to do anything, because to be honest, it’s a personal choice. But I feel people aren’t adequately informed about what it actually entails. You aren’t going to be strapped to a gurney with a needle the size of your forearm being waved ominously about. At least, not without anaesthetic. But honestly that isn’t even the only way to harvest bone marrow any more.

I could just be hopelessly naive or ignorant, but I didn’t know any of this. I thought when it came to bone marrow donation we were still back in the good old days, with a spray of iodine and a shot of vodka to take the edge off. Apparently not.

Either way, that was my day today. Now I’m off to play on my playstation and continue my excellent run of procrastination. It’s what I do best. 



5 thoughts on “Anthony Nolan Trust”

    1. Thank you…I just figure it doesn’t make much difference to my life, but if it happens to be the case that I’m the best match for someone and I can help them…then it’s worth doing…it’s not just saving one life, it’s saving the grief of all those that love that one person too…If that makes sense?

  1. I’m 19 and have donated blood since I was 17 and have signed up to Anthony Nolan this month. I want to sign up for more lol 🙂

    1. Good for you! I have very odd veins, always have done, so nurses tend to find it very hard to take my blood unfortunately :/ Perhaps you could add on to the NHS bone marrow register as well, once you’ve given blood you can? 🙂

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