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The weather is horrible today. I’m inside, studying, and not doing much else. But I’ve done some more writing…

So if you’re interested, check out

I felt I’d give you a bit more information on…well what it’s about. It’s a girl…called Bethany. She’s had to move schools and is just settling in again. She’s very prickly and unhappy…and severely dyslexic. Her teacher kind of takes her under her wing and tries to help her, but most of the time they just wind up arguing. Her mother feels like she’s fighting a losing battle, and Bethany’s one friend has issues of her own. She winds up spiralling…it’s basically just a story where a girl realises she isn’t the only one carrying pain with her. 

Please excuse my shameless plugging. I’m already honoured that anyone chooses to read this blog. I just felt I could stick the link on here in case any one is interested…with a bit more information than I mentioned before. 

Enjoy your Sunday/Mother’s day folks. 


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