Mission Impossible: Streatham

In an earlier blog, I wrote about Streatham. I headlined it as a diamond in the rough, and I stand by that statement. 

But that’s not enough. 

I love where I live, and I’m fed up of everyone I meet – when they ask where I’m based, and I reply, they response is usually ‘oh what’s that like, I’ve never heard anything good.’

My blanket reply is ‘you probably never spoke to anyone who actually lives there.’ 

I don’t mean this rudely, and I’m sure it’s no one’s fault. It’s hard to shake a bad reputation once you have one. But my mission, impossible though it may be, is to help it out a little. Talk it up a bit. Give it some polish, y’know?

So once a month, I’ll be visiting somewhere in Streatham. It could be as mundane as the library, or as fancy as one of the many restaurants. I may just get a takeaway from a place based on the High Street. Visit the Common, go and nosey round the churches. There shall be no stone left unturned.

And each month, I’ll come back here and write about it. I’ll be honest, if it’s less than awesome then it shall be known. If it’s sex on legs then it shall also be known. I just want to paint a more realistic view of my new home town than has been seen lately.

Everywhere deserves a second chance. Brixton got one, after the riots it’s now super funky with a market, loads of clubs and some really fancy restaurants. It’s damn well time for Streatham’s come back too.

Hopefully it’ll be more successful than Britney’s. Or practically any other come back in musical history. 

Except David Bowie. David Bowie can come back any time he wants. 


7 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: Streatham”

    1. I would be delighted to! Right now things are a little hectic with studying and such, but as soon as I have a little more time I will definitely pay a visit. Maybe for next month’s slot!

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