Brick Lane Part II and Opera Numero Dos

Firstly, I’m sorry for having not written anything in a while. I’ve been busy with studies, sorting out some issues with the flat and my friend from Newcastle has been visiting…and unfortunately I haven’t found the time to write up my latest meanderings.

They occurred last Sunday, when me and my other half ventured back to Brick Lane for the beigels I had been coveting. I got my hot salt beef beigel again, and my salmon and cream cheese. Finally. 

My other half was very impressed too. Next time I intend to get a load of plain beigels, bring them home and live off them for a week. 

Now, I know I’ve already uploaded lots of street art pictures. But it’s amazing what a difference a week can make out there, and everyone loves some photys!


We also explored the old Truman Brewery, where there’s a market on a Sunday. The food hall was quite overwhelming, had we not just eaten beigels we would have delved right in to dim sum, curry, cake-y goodness…



A quick look at the Ten Bells pub – which was unfortunately very busy – as it’s linked, rather gruesomely, with the notorious Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper. Some stories mention 1 of his victims drinking their shortly before her demise, and another picking up…ahem…clients on the pavement outside. It seemed pleasant enough, but we didn’t stop for a drink due to it being very crowded. 

Onwards now, to South Kensington…to visit the Royal Albert Hall for an opera! We arrived very early, having felt we were done with exploring Brick Lane for now, and popped into the Science Museum for a wander to pass the time.

My first ever visit. I know, I know. I’ve been to the Natural History Museum a million times. The Science Museum is literally next door. There’s no excuse. But my wanderings have never taken me there.

I did as much exploration as I had time for, however. There was a history of veterinary medicine exhibit that was interesting, if a little gross, although frankly having worked in vet surgeries – it hasn’t got any less gross in the following years. 

There were lots of interactive bits and pieces – which the Science Museum is actually famed for – including my favourite, ‘Who Am I?’, discussing everything from genetics to environment to the ability to build a body from scratch…

We did stop at the Shakes Bar and treated ourselves to a milkshake, actually really tasty – although the floor seemed to be going through a certain amount of refurbishment, though in a museum this is usually a regular occurrence I suppose. 

A quick change in the loos into fancy opera suitable clothes and off we were to the Royal Albert Hall…I’ve never been before, I couldn’t wait. 

Before the show I had made reservations at a bar there called ‘Berry Bros and Rudd’…run by the oldest wine merchant in London, going since 1698! It was hidden in the basement and slightly hard to find, but worth it. Our reservation took us to a tucked away little snug with a sofa. I’ve never been to a bar as fancy as this one, with hushed chatter and leather and flowers and so on…We treated ourselves to a delicious bottle of wine – the cheapest one on the list at £23, but not cheap by our standards. It was nice to treat ourselves though…

We went for a cheese platter though. The staff were very attentive, bringing extra chutney and crackers…


And finally on to the opera! I had treated my other half to tickets for Carmen, as it’s her favourite opera. I hadn’t realised how much music actually originated in this classic opera, I had already heard a lot of the music and never known where it came from! 

The Royal Albert Hall was very comfortable for a start, and though our seats were listed as restricted view, we were only unable to see a small portion of the stage – which was in the round any way, so there was very little missed! The music was played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Having never had the privilege to hear them play live, I loved every minute. At some points I was listening more to them than the singing!

The one unfortunate thing was that at times, it was hard to hear the singers (unusual with opera, I know). They were outstanding and the acting was fabulous, I just felt they could perhaps have had microphones. Although maybe that would have been deafening!

Overall, it was a wonderful day. One of my favourites in London so far. A variety of food, wine, science (geeky I know) opera and, of course, the fantastic company.



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