I would just like to thank…

I began writing this blog a couple of months ago for…well for lots of reasons. Because I missed writing. Because I thought it would encourage me to make more of living in London. But I didn’t find out what a wonderful community wordpress is until I started. So for that, I thank you.

I was both surprised and kind of honoured when lena de almeida nominated me for the very inspiring blogger award. Particularly as her own blog is one I very much enjoy – especially the photos. So firstly, thank you very much for including me…


So, as the rules go, I shall include 7 things about my rather fabulous self.

1. I study zoology at a university in London.
2. My ambition was once to be a vet, but it turned out my nemesis would be chemistry and therefore this was not my path.
3. I love to wear pyjama trousers and have been known to go to the shop in them. I know, shameless.
4. I love to read, especially fantasy, although frankly I’ll read anything with words.
5. I enjoy learning languages, and have a reasonable grasp of Spanish and French. I’m learning Afrikaans.
6. I’m not actually very fond of clubs…unusual for a student, but I prefer bars and pubs as I like to be able to chat!
7. My nickname at school was snaily, as I was such a slow walker. Living in London quickly put paid to that.

And now, I’m nominating some bloggers I myself find inspiring…

1. Talin Orfali Interesting thoughts, musings and philosophies on life.
2. Rarasaur All sorts of randomness, but pretty awesome, lots of doodles and fun things and interesting things.
3. Seth over at Sethsnap For awesome photos, and new ways to see old things.

Excuse the short list, this is just the tiniest selection of blogs I follow. I apologise if I’ve given any of you an award you don’t want, but I hope you’ll just take it as a sign of appreciation if that’s the case!

There are some other amazing blogs out there. A few I simply didn’t include due to their vitoing blog awards and such for varying reasons. But thank you to all you lovely folks out there who make wordpress what it is. I never knew what a joy it was to be a part of.

Now I’d best go before I start weeping like Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars.


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