Beigel Or Sleep?

So, it’s Saturday. I still have the flu. But I want a beigel. At the moment, I am debating whether to man up and go to Beigel Bake in Brick Lane (yes, it actually had that much of an impression on me.) or whether to stay in yet again and sleep.

I have tried an outing or two this week, unfortunately when I tried to make it out yesterday, my other half wound up putting me back on the train home as I turned a rather fetching shade of green. The oyster card reader then charged me over 9 pounds. Unamused.

Any way. Opinions? Beigel or…health. I really wanted to say something witty and rhyming there but…well what rhymes with beigel? Dreidel? I don’t know. 

Tomorrow taking my other half to Carmen at Royal Albert Hall. I’ve never seen it, or been to the RAH for that matter, but I’m really excited. Lets just hope I don’t sneeze at the most emotional moment of the whole opera or something. Even worse, give one of the singers the bug. I guarantee they won’t be singing for a week afterwards. Perhaps I should wear a bio hazard suit. To keep the germs in, rather than to protect me from those outside!

Any way. Beigel or sleep. That is the question. What would you guys do. How far would you go, for the best beigel in the world? 


6 thoughts on “Beigel Or Sleep?”

  1. I’m sorry I overslept really I am. Tomorrow .. Tomorrow I will deffinately get up on time. I will pay for the tasty beigels too..

    Bad bad bear.. Xxx

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