Re-cycling and Nightrider

Still poorly, but I have good news. I’ve found a shop in which to buy my lean, mean, Beckasaurus machine. In other words, my bike!

Yes, folks. There is a shop relatively nearby, the sells reconditioned bikes – aptly named ‘Recycling’. They’re big on art projects, have been known to lend out or donate bikes to community projects and schools, and have had local students paint the front of their shop: 


(Photo credit: the Recycling website)

I’ll write up a proper review (and post a photo of my mean machine of course!) But looks pretty awesome right? I can’t wait to visit and get myself a brand new bike. It’s been years since I had one, but I used to love cycling. I’m really excited to get on the road and start training for…

NIGHTRIDER 2013. 100km around London. 

That’s right. I have to get ready, get steady, and get some bike shorts. No one likes chafing.

In the mean time…this is my justgiving page…as I am also doing it for the WWF. The panda made me do it.

Seriously though, their work is amazing for both animals and communities around the world…

Any how, I’m off for lemsip. I was going to the bike shop this week…then I was struck down in the prime of life – as Monica from friends would say – or in other words, caught flu. So no cycling for me right now. I’d probably crash into a bus and mistake it for an elephant, in this state.


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