Today will be reasonably short, as once again, I have a cold, and my head feels like there’s so much cotton wool stuffed between the ears. But I thought I’d write a little on temping.

I know most will know what this is, but for those who don’t, a temp signs up to an agency and is sent to work – temporarily – in various offices all over the place. It’s a soulless job, it can be unreliable, and as a temp you get very little respect at times. But it’s perfect for a student, or simply someone who needs something a little flexible. Temping and nannying are the only two I’ve found that offer this. 

Of course, with all the austerity cuts (that have just made our deficit bigger and our economy crumble. Thank you, George Osborne.) jobs are not easy to come by…they claim unemployment is down…but they’re twisting figures left right and centre to get that statistic. Any way, not meaning to make this a political rant, my point is merely that temping can also help as you’d have your fingers in lots of different pies as it were. Well, offices. But pies sounds tastier. 

I’m not saying it’s a good, long term career choice. But for those who want to make some extra cash around their studies/children/llama wrangling, it’s worth considering. Particularly as London is full to the brim with offices and call centres and so on.

My only tip…practise on your typing, and have a working knowledge of microsoft office. And learn to love coffee. 

Any how, excuse the super short post. I’m off to drown myself in lemsip now. 

8 thoughts on “Temping”

  1. Enjoy your temping! It’s a great way to find yourself in different parts of London that you wouldn’t normally go to and to meet lots of different, interesting people. Here’s my tip. Ask to be sent to places where you might like to work full time, and offer to do additional work when you’re there. You may be offered a job that you love! Get well soon.

  2. I temped for over seven years and found it really good. I’m in the process of going back to it. I had some great experience and learnt lots. Go for it – you never know where it might lead.

  3. Hope you bounce back soon! I did temping when I needed flexibility around college classes and had some really bizarre gigs. The worst ones were the ones where I sat at a desk to answer phones and they never rang. Longest days ever!

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