Even More Street Art

I had so many more photos of the fantastic street art I saw in East London, and I felt it would be a shame not to share them. So…well, here they are!

brick lane 013

brick lane 024

brick lane 051

brick lane 052

brick lane 011

brick lane 008

brick lane 030

brick lane 027

brick lane 039 - Copy

brick lane 035

brick lane 007

brick lane 010

brick lane 018

brick lane 081

brick lane 069

brick lane 074

brick lane 064

brick lane 082

brick lane 065

brick lane 012

brick lane 047

brick lane 053

brick lane 056

brick lane 003

brick lane 005

brick lane 083

The whole city is turned into one big art gallery by street artists. I gotta say, I loved exploring. I plan to go back and hunt out some more very soon. Hope you enjoyed!

5 thoughts on “Even More Street Art”

  1. Great photos – I revisited Brick Lane / Truman Brewery last weekend to get up to date on the latest art I could find – If you have any particular streets / areas you found you highly recommend please let me know. thanks, IAN

    1. I mainly walked down Great Eastern Street, and just popped down side streets from there. Rivington street was good, as well as Redchurch Street and Hollywell lane. After that there was a lot of street art around Brick Lane itself, plenty to explore in the little alleys and lanes. Finally walking from there up to Columbia Road there was some cool grafitti, but on the whole I’d stick to the Brick Lane/Old Street area and make sure to explore all the back streets. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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