Night Rider…Night Crawler?

I am cycling Night Rider, come June. The very start of June. And I don’t have a bike yet.

I know. I know. It’s an issue. 

I’m scrimping and saving and I plan to have one, hopefully, by next week. It’ll mean I’m broke, but at least I won’t have the prospect of a 100km bike ride looming over my head – without the eponymous bike. 

I also need to fundraise a certain amount, so I guess I’ll be selling cakes and smiling as winsomely as I can at my dear family. Luckily, despite being a professional fundraiser (that’s right, I kept my job), this is one of the few things that doesn’t lose it’s fun…because you’re always doing something good for a cause that matters. Saving the world and all that. Like Superman.

Hmm. Perhaps a tad grandiose. But you get the meaning. 

Either way, the training has barely begun – I’ve started with core exercises and stuff, but I suspect this won’t help much with hardening up the…the derrier for 6-8 hours glued to possibly the most uncomfortable seat invented by man (I mean seriously, who invented the bike seat? If one has to spend hours sitting on something, at least give it a bit more padding. Perhaps I just have a sensitive bum. There I said it.) 

The fundraising is more or less at a stand still but I’m sure I’ll get there. Fingers crossed. Most of my friends are as skint as I am, them being students as well, so shaking them down for cash is more likely to turn out in pennies and the occasional pound rather than the £50 notes that I think every one of us wishes we were blessed with.

Frankly, if I was blessed with that much cash I’d give the money myself and be off to some wine bar on the back of a flying elephant made of gold. But sadly nay, ’tis not to be. 

I’ll manage it though. One big plus about this ride is you are given a whole variety of charities to choose from, and mine is the WWF because it means a lot to me, and I truly believe in what it does not only for animals, but for the people who live and interact with them. So I guess I have a bit more of a kick in the backside to actually do something just because of that. 


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